Our Story

Started in the high winds of a raging pandemic in 2020 as a hopeful small action against the storm by Rachel Thomas, we sell fiction and general non-fiction with special sections for children’s books, poetry and art books. Rachel has dreamt of opening a bookshop that was an oasis of peace alternative for all people that want an end to the hurly-burly of it all, ever since she worked in a bookshop during her college days and all during her IT career.

This bookstore is built with the shared understanding of the local community that what we are doing here is an act against the electronic age back into a shared love for the printed page and a common love of words that make us happy or give us weapons against despair. We hope that in this special space, you will be able to find all the books you knew you wanted, as well as some that you didn’t realise you needed!

When this pandemic passes (and it will), we will work closely with all of you through dialogue and coffee klatches and just face-to-face talking in everyday actions to get the best, curated section of books that you will not be able to find in giant corporations and faceless computer algorithms. We are not our electronics selves but much more than that and this bookstore is there to do that. In the meantime, Rachel and her small team will canvass the many publishing contacts and the shared community of independent booksellers to ensure that you all have a wonderful beginning.