Finding the Heart Sutra


40 years ago, after learning of the Heart Sutra in Japan, Alex Kerr set out on a quest to seek the wisdom that lies at the heart of this ancient Buddhist scripture. Guided by Zen abbots in Kyoto, Tibetan monks, a French writer, an American art collector, a magician and the writings of Chinese scholars over the centuries, he came to see how this brief poem on emptiness is a storehouse of a universe of thought. Travelling from Japan, Korea, and China, to India, Mongolia, Tibet and Vietnam, this intimate book weaves together memory, history and calligraphy. Alex reveals us to the many ways the Heart Sutra continues to influence the culture of Japan – and the world – today.

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Author Alex Kerr Published by Allen Lane ISBN 9780241468456 EAN 9780241468456 Bic Code Cover Hardback


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