The autumn of the ace


Daniel Pitt was an RAF fighter in the First World War and an espionage agent for the SOE in the Second. Now the conflicts he faces are closer to home. Daniel’s marriage has fractured beyond repair and Daniel’s relationship with his son, Bertie, has been a failure since Bertie was a small boy. But after his brother Archie’s death, Daniel is keen for new perspectives. He first travels to Peshawar to bury Archie in the place he loved best, and then finds himself in Canada, avoiding his family and friends back in England. But some bonds are hard to break. Daniel and Bertie’s different experiences of war, although devastating, also bring with them the opportunity for the two to reconnect.

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Author Berni?res, Lou De Published by Harvill Secker ISBN 9781787301337 EAN 9781787301337 Bic Code Cover Hardback


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