The species that changed itself


Other species adapt to their environments; we alone create ours. Over the past few generations, we have remade the world to suit ourselves – banishing plague and famine from much of the planet – and for the most part enjoy prosperity beyond the dreams of our ancestors. What’s more, we have also reshaped the human phenotype – the interaction between genes and environment that moulds our bodies and minds. The results can be seen in the streets of our post-industrial cities. We think and behave differently, have a changing relationship with our microscopic fellow-travellers, and die from once rare diseases. Weaving together biology, social anthropology, epidemiology, and history, Gale examines the shifting physical and mental dimensions of our lives, from food production to reproduction, ageing to illness, designer bodies to IQ tests, and asks: have we become self-domesticated animals?

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Author Edwin A. M. Gale Published by Allen Lane ISBN 9780241292693 EAN 9780241292693 Bic Code Cover Hardback


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