Appius and Virginia


Virginia Hutton embarks upon an experiment. She will take an ape and raise it as a human child… She purchases an infant orangutan and names him Appius. She clothes him, feeds him, and puts him to bed in a cot every night. As Appius grows older, she teaches him to dress himself, to speak, to read, to stand and walk up straight, to eat his meals at the dining table with a knife and fork. She teaches him how to be human. The young orangutan is not always a willing student. Their relationship becomes fraught and flits between that of mother and child, teacher and student, scientist and experiment. But as Appius gains knowledge he moves ever closer to the one discovery Virginia does not want him to make: that of his true origins.

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Author Trevelyan (auth G.E. Published by Lightning Books ISBN 9781785632181 EAN 9781785632181 Bic Code Cover Paperback


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