Binge Watching London


Step behind the scenes to discover London through its most emblematic television incarnations, from Absolutely Fabulous to Sherlock, in this one-of-a-kind, innovative guide. Enter the corridors of power of Westminster with The Crown and House of Cards, travel back in time to see the iconic London landmarks of Downton Abbey, Mr Selfridge and Call the Midwife, unveil the East End mysteries depicted in Luther and Ripper Street, visit hipster Hackney alongside Sharon and Rob from Catastrophe, shop The Avengers look in Soho, and hop aboard the Tardis with Doctor Who… Countless films have been set in London, and it is also an incredibly popular backdrop for television series. The city’s best-known landmarks, and many bars, restaurants, stores, parks?even entire neighborhoods?have become extremely familiar to TV viewers. So join us as we uncover these iconic locations and recommend new addresses inspired by the lifestyle

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