LEGO Minifigure Mission


Do you have what it takes to help a LEGO? minifigure with your LEGO building skills? A LEGO? minifigure is lost and needs to get back to the safety of the toy shelf with his other LEGO friends. But it will take some quick thinking and solid LEGO building skills for this tiny toy to make it there safely! Grab your LEGO collection and build your way through this exciting story. Make a bridge to traverse the depths of the kitchen sink. Build a roller coaster to distract the spooky hallway monsters. Help the minifigure escape the claws of a plush toy cat with a brick-built helicopter and much more as you help him build his way home. With a minifigure, accessories, and plenty of building tips and inspirational photos, build yourself an adventure as you save the day. +2021 The LEGO Group.

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Author Tori Kosara Published by DK Children ISBN 9780241469415 EAN 9780241469415 Bic Code Cover Hardback


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