Only Heroes and Horses


Natalie O’Rourke was once an ordinary little girl from Birmingham in all respects save one: she was lonely. When she discovered how much she loved horses, she decided she wanted to grow up and run a riding stables. But this would not be your average stables: she wanted hers to cater for children and adults with disabilities, additional needs and anyone who needed a friend – people who you might not expect to find riding, but who she knew could find happiness through horses, because she had.

Full of guts and optimism, Natalie fought tooth and nail to achieve that dream in the face of some hefty tragedy, heartbreak and hardship. Even the Covid-19 crisis couldn’t slow her or her league of fearless Park Lane colleagues down – despite barely surviving financially in lockdown, the stables’ ‘Pavement Ponies’ paid visits to the community on a mission to cheer their neighbours up, and tirelessly supported the NHS.

But when the news came that the landlord was selling the stables, and that the Park Lane horses and their humans would be evicted unless they found a whopping £1,000,000 to buy the plot, it seemed a mountain too high even for this plucky team to climb. Could they win the support of the nation and with it their fight to save the stables?

Only Heroes and Horses is a book infused with love, strength and hope on every page – a testament to human kindness that won’t fail to leave its readers uplifted or with a tear in their eye.

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by Natalie O’Rourke (Author)

Format: Hardback 304 pages
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
Imprint: Sphere
ISBN: 9780751585056
Published: 26 May 2022
Classifications: Teaching of physically disabled students, Horses & ponies


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