Talking to Strangers : What We Should Know about the People We Don’t Know



‘Compelling, haunting, tragic stories, resonate long after you put the book down’ James McConnachie, Sunday Times Book of the Year

The routine traffic stop that ends in tragedy. The spy who spends years undetected at the highest levels of the Pentagon. The false conviction of Amanda Knox.

Why do we so often get other people wrong? Why is it so hard to detect a lie, read a face or judge a stranger’s motives?Using stories of deceit and fatal errors to cast doubt on our strategies for dealing with the unknown, Malcolm Gladwell takes us on an intellectual adventure into the darker side of human nature, where strangers are never simple and misreading them can have disastrous consequences.


Malcolm Gladwell (Author)
Format:Paperback / softback 400 pages
Publisher:Penguin Books Ltd
Imprint:Penguin Books Ltd
Published:30 Apr 2020
Classifications:Popular culture, Management decision making, Popular psychology
Readership:General (US: Trade) Professional & Vocational Tertiary Education (US: College)
Dimensions:129 x 196 x 32 (mm)


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