The Science of Hate : How prejudice becomes hate and what we can do to stop it


Why do people commit hate crimes? A world-leading criminologist explores the tipping point between prejudice and hate crime, analysing human behaviour across the globe and throughout history in this vital book.

‘Utterly brilliant, powerful. From personal histories to broader social patterns, from individual criminal cases to the latest neuroscience and psychology, Matthew Williams’ forensic dissection of hate reveals its insidious power – but also its weaknesses. This book is not just about how and why hate happens – it’s about how to combat it.’ ALICE ROBERTS, author of The Incredible Unlikeliness of Being

‘Fascinating. This is a key contribution to our understanding of the divides in our society, and how these can perhaps be repaired.’ DR PRAGYA AGARWAL, author of Sway

‘Williams is masterful at making this complex topic accessible, so we can all better understand hate and the dark side of human behaviour and finally start to tackle it.’ NOVA REID

Are our brains wired to hate?- Does online hate incite violence on the streets?- With hate crimes at an all-time high, what can we do to help turn the tide? Drawing on twenty years of research as well as his own experience as a hate crime victim, world-renowned criminologist Matthew Williams uncovers the answers to these pressing questions of our age. Exploring evolution and biology as well as social media and global events such as financial meltdowns, worldwide pandemics and even sporting tournaments, Williams exposes the conditions for hateful behaviour. His journey sees him talking to perpetrators and victims, delving into the murky recesses of the internet and having his brain scanned by neuroscientists to reveal the science behind hate.

Traversing the globe and reaching back through time, from our tribal ancestors in prehistory to artificial intelligence in the twenty-first century, The Science of Hate is a groundbreaking and surprising examination of the elusive ‘tipping point’ between prejudice and hate.

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Matthew Williams (Author)

Format:Paperback / softback 448 pages
Publisher:Faber & Faber
Imprint:Faber & Faber
Published:25 Mar 2021
Classifications:Violence in society, Social discrimination & inequality, Crime & criminology, Causes & prevention of crime
Readership:Professional & Vocational Tertiary Education (US: College)
Dimensions:153 x 233 x 36 (mm)


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