To Be Frank


Ever wondered what’s going on in your dog’s head? Why are some dogs aggressive and others not? What are dogs telling us? And what is it that makes them bark at that most hated of enemies, the postman?

In To Be Frank, dog behaviour consultant Aftab Ahmed draws on twenty years of experience to explain what makes dogs tick and how you can use this knowledge to resolve all problem behaviours, including aggression towards people or dogs, resource guarding, separation anxiety, pulling on the lead and many more.

Whether you need help with resolving problem behaviours or you just want to understand your furry friend that bit better, this is the book for you!

Part I of the book helps dog owners understand the dog’s psyche and why dogs do what they do. It explains how you can tell what they’re saying to us. Part II of the book is the self-help section. It takes an in-depth look at dog behaviours that particularly concern owners and sets out tried and tested action plans to change behaviours.

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Aftab Ahmed


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